Airzone Sports 14-foot Trampoline

Airzone 14-foot Trampoline – Add Fun and Fitness To Your Backyard!

A Bit about the Airzone Trampoline

The Airzone Trampoline is a yard jumping device, providing a great way to have fun alone or with your family and friends. People, who jump on well-made rebounders, usually feel suddenly reinvigorated and filled with a spontaneus sense of well-being.

A Few Advantages of Regular Rebounding and Its Effects on Your Health

Rebounding is stated to increase the respiratory capacity, allowing more oxygen to circulate to the body tissues.

It reduces the height of the arterial pressures during exertion and decreases the time of abnormal blood pressure after sustained severe activity.

Stimulating the production of red blood cells by increasing the red bone marrow activity, it reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

It strengthens the muscles and the heart, aids lymphatic circulation and the flow in the circulatory system.

It improves natural body health by lowering elevated cholesterol and the level of triglyceride, stimulating metabolism.

Rebounding helps the thyroid and the glandular system and restores the physical efficiency of the body, enhancing food digestion and elimination processes. Regularly exercising on a trampoline slows down aging, reduces obesity risks and minimizes the occurrence of common allergies, colds, abdominal problems and digestive disturbances.

The Main Features of the 14-foot Airzone Trampoline

The Airzone Trampoline is sustained by a rust-resistant solid steel frame and the jumping shocks are absorbed by stainless steel springs. The bounces are high and the jumper doesn’t register any trauma regarding the musculoskeletal system.

The jumping mat and the frame cover are UV and weather resistant and linked to the frame by screws and to the legs by bolts, for enhanced safety. The six U shaped legs steadily support the frame having 12 ground contacts.

This 14-foot Trampoline can be easily built up following the instructions and it doesn’t require any additional tools.

Safety is one of the main assets of Airzone and this 14-foot trampoline was tested to all ASTM safety requirements.

If you decide to try this fun little 14 ft trampoline and order it, you should expect to get in the box six U-shaped legs with extensions, springs, frame cover, jumping mat, screws, rail pieces and a screwdriver. The shipping weight will be almost 59 pounds.

The Airzone Trampoline has three different dimension models:

  1. The 12-Foot Trampoline with a diameter of 12 feet, a frame height of 34.5 inches and 106.4 pounds weight. It features six legs, 84 springs and can hold a jumper weighing up to 250 pounds.
  2. The 13-Foot Trampoline with a diameter of 13 feet, a frame height of 34.5 inches and 113 pounds weight. It features six legs, 84 springs and can hold a jumper weighing up to 250 pounds.
  3. The 14-Foot Trampoline with a diameter of 14 feet, a frame height of 36 inches and 124 pounds weight. It features six legs, 84 springs and can hold a jumper weighing up to 250 pounds.

The Main Advantages of the  Airzon 14-foot Trampoline

  • Airzone claims you’ll get years of carefree bouncing with the Airzone spring trampoline, no matter which size you choose,12-foot, 13-foot, or 14-foot.
  • The stainless steel spring launches the jumper into the air, catapulting higher than other trampolines and delivering a soft bounce. The jumping mat has an area big enough to sustain various bouncing techniques and jumping fitness exercises. For fitness enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to advance and intermediate, it offers a good sturdy base for having fun while losing weight in the same time.
  • Airzone Spring Trampoline comes with bouncing instructions and, if carefully followed, they will lead you from simple standing bounces to pirouette bounces and jumping tuck position.
  • The steel frame and the springs are wrapped in weather resistant PVC cover, featuring a long life to the mini trampoline. A two year warranty is provided by Airzone.
  • Stability is a great quality of the Airzone Trampoline, the sturdy six U-shaped legs with 12 contacts with the ground hold it in place while bouncing. The structural integrity is insured by set-screws and bolts between the legs and the frame. The weather resistant galvanized steel guarantees long usage without intervention.
  • The straightforward build up is helped with an illustrated instruction guide and a simple steps manual. It is recommended that three adults should do the set up for faster results. There won’t be any necessary tools needed for assembling the Airzone Spring Trampoline and there’s no need to drill.
  • For children or people with balance problems, unsteady on their feet or for the elderly, there is a safety enclosure sold separately, to encircle the trampoline for more confidence. There also is a stabilizing bar available, that can be added to the rebounder’s frame for more safety.

The Main Drawbacks

  • There are some complaints amongst people who tried the Airzone 14ft Trampoline regarding its weight. They say it is too light and, thus, inexpedient for windier regions. A customer suggested even to cement it to the ground to make sure it says on its place.
  • Other people express their dissatisfaction with the straps, complaining they rip too easy.

Customer Reviews and Real Buyer Stories

People who most praise the Airzone Trampoline are those who had small places in their yard and couldn’t find other fitting trampolines.

Customers who bought this 14-ft trampoline agree about its resistance and endurance, some of them even confessed some “abuse” situations, with more children jumping in the same time and it coped with really well.

They are amazed by how well it resisted during three or four years in some cases and they advise to cover it during rainy weather.

They say that spring trampolines tend to be a little noisy, which is not the case with this one.

Others strong argument in its favor is the small attractive price.

In Conclusion

Rebounding means working with gravity to stay fit, cleanse your tissue cells and regain health, both physically and mentally. The Airzone 14-foot Trampoline is the perfect reliable jumping device for those with small yard spaces or limited budgets.Be Sociable, Share!