Fun Things to Do With the Trampoline

or too long has the trampoline been looked down on and this injustice must come to an end now! Never again should it be said by adults when they lay their eyes on one: “it’s just a trampoline.” Those are the people who have lost any connection to their childhood, or worse, have had that part of them die entirely. There are tons of fun things you can do with a trampoline. You think that jumping up and down is boring and cannot be innovated? Well, then perhaps it is time to reconsider that opinion.

Note that a trampoline is mostly addressed to kids, but there is no rule, no law anywhere saying that adults cannot enjoy a good time. Well, maybe a weight a limit can apply, but it really depends on the trampoline and how it was built.

So What’s All The Fun About?

Ok, back on track. It is summer outside and everyone is melting. What do you do? Why not jump on a trampoline?

  • Set up the safety enclosure, put a sprinkler on the surface or to the sides, and start jumping. This is the best way to cool off in a fun and active way. Kids love it and it is almost certain that grownups will too. It can also work as a great party attraction. If you are bold enough, you can drop the safety.
  • Other people like to play sports on a trampoline. This requires a large enough surface, so that more than 2 people are accommodated; or you can get a few small trampolines. Get a ball and start playing while everyone is bouncing. You can’t begin to image the fun it brings – and the one who drops the ball will be the target of accurately aimed jokes; things are as close to perfection as they can be.
  • One variation of that would be to try dancing. Put some Miley Cyrus on and start jump-dancing like crazy; this can be great fun for the kids – plus it will also drain that excess energy of theirs
  • Still on the sports chapter, there are some trampoline models that have a basketball hoop included in the set. The fun times have nothing holding them back now. You can image the yelling and screaming of enthusiastic kids trying to score a point and actually succeeding. Whoever came up with this idea had a few screws loose up in the attic, and may the gods bless him for that.
  • This one doesn’t involve jumping, but some kids use the trampoline’s surface as a drawing board. Adults may not appreciate this, but the little buggers really enjoy doing that.

Only For Kids?

Now, adults can do some things with a trampoline that are still fun, but are more serious.

  • Try a lot of aerobic or martial arts moves on a trampoline, either while jumping or when standing still. The trampoline surface is very suitable for those kinds of activities.
  • Women favor yoga, although more and more men are picking up the practice, an activity which can be perfectly executed on a trampoline. The soft surface may not be ideal for some positions, but trying will never hurt.
  • For those interested in sports, it seems kickboxing can be attempted with success. This can be fun, but “normal” practicing (on regular ground) is advised before trying to kick a target while on a trampoline. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, always try that alone; make sure the target is not a friend or family member.
  • Other exercises that can be tried out are sit-ups, jumping and twisting in the air, a number of jumps that simulate going down a hill, like jumping side to side and shifting feet forwards and backwards. Practically, there is no limit to what exercises you can do, so long as you adapt them accordingly and are careful not to push the limits too far. The risk of injuries cannot be completely overruled.

Other activities that can be done with a trampoline, and do not involve jumping, are setting up a tent on it, sleeping, or otherwise relaxing on its surface, using the surface as a hammock, and so on and so forth. If you have a working imagination, the uses of a trampoline, both fun and useful, are virtually endless.

Bottom Line

It takes little effort to buy a trampoline and set it up, and its lifespan is quite long, if taken care of, naturally. Overall, this wonderful instrument called a trampoline is worth every dollar invested, regardless of the company who made it. It provides good, clean, decent fun and physical activity to everyone of almost every age (you wouldn’t have granny hop on a trampoline, would you?).Be Sociable, Share!