Half Fold CELLERCISER Kit (Rebounder)

Half Fold Cellerciser Rebounder Kit – A Bouncing Kit That You Will Never Forget

Workout trampoline is an efficient tool especially designed for people who want a device that is safe and durable.

Main Features of the Rebounder Mini Trampoline

The Half Fold CELLERCISER Kit (Rebounder) is a steel constructed rebounding trampoline with electro-platted finish. The frame measures 40 inches and the rebounding matt is 28 inches in diameter and has 36 springs. The legs of the Cellerciser trampoline have 8.5 inches in length and the matt is situated at a distance of 10.5 inches above the floor. The manufacturer warranty is about 5 years excluding the spring cover.

This rebounder mini trampoline can make for a perfect daily body workout. The rebounding trampoline produces a multiplication of the jumper’s body weight of over 10 times during the bounce. The forces involved in the jumping activity can strengthen the body due to the increased stress applied to the vital system and organs, making it the ideal form of exercise recommended by the specialists. It can represent a modality to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life also for the children since they are those who are the hardest to convince to perform an activity it does not seem fun to them.

The Cellerciser trampoline is ideal for any occasion because this small trampoline comes equipped with a system that allows obtaining the perfect adjustment according to the possibilities of the user. Moreover, and one of the main advantages it is the fact that it does not rust because it is made of modern materials and is covered with special paint and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be transported very easily thanks to its light weight and it is very compact. Learn more about this small exercise trampoline from the information below and you will be convinced that it is the right choice.

Advantages That You Will Notice After You Buy The Half Fold Cellerciser Trampoline

  • Jumping on such a trampoline is a full body workout that can be done in the comfort of your own home and has a low impact on your back and joints.
  • Jumping exercises reduce body fat and also firms your thighs, your abdomen, your legs, hips, arms; they increase your agility and have as a result an improvement of your sense of balance. They also can provide an excellent aerobic workout for your heart.
  • Trampoline exercises can be done very easily in your living room or in your yard. Those who like traveling may wish to carry it for its use in a hotel room.
  • It is the most convenient form of exercise around and more effective than all the ordinary exercises.
  • This indoor trampoline does not lift the weight away from gravity.

Some Minor Drawbacks

  • The main and only disadvantage of this small exercise trampoline is that the balance bar is not included in the kit.

Reviews and Feedback

People who bought this rebounding trampoline were very excited with their new acquisition. We have received the most positive feedback on this Cellerciser rebounder. People are conscious about the facilities that the kit offers. Many persons are satisfied with the soft springs that are mounted on the jumping tool and the health improvements that can be obtained while bouncing. The free trampoline workout DVD included is also a positive element on the whole kit. The workout presented on the DVD helped people get in a good shape, some of them lost weight and got toned. People are also satisfied with the rebounder benefits that it gives .

This folding rebounder is easy to unpack, easy to assemble and it is made of a very strong material that can last a long time. Also for the people with some chronic health condition, it is recommended to increase the resistance of their body and for this, they can use the trampoline.

The main factor that helps customers to determine whether a trampoline is bad, ordinary or of a high quality, is the bouncing aptitude. The bouncing aptitude is determined by the power of the jump, so the springs must not throw the user too much in the air while jumping. The springs and the rebounding material influence the most the jumping routine. A good jump shows the quality of the product and many of the customers said that this trampoline really knows what a good jump is all about.

The best exercise trampoline are in front of the selling lines and this workout trampoline is one of these products. Thanks to the spring design system that is triple-tiered tapered, the item is personalized by the user weight and all the buyers agreed that this new acquisition will listen to your necessities.

Conclusion: A Safer Jump for A Healthy Client

Using the Cellerciser rebounder mini trampoline can be dangerous if you do not use the trampoline as required. It is not allowed to be used by two persons at the same time to avoid the collision that can appear while jumping. One of the most common facts that can generate injuries is when multiple users try to jump at the same time on the surface.

Other common fact that can produce an injury is attempting to execute somersaults without an adequate training. In some of the cases, if people try to do this without having properly trained before, it can end with parts of the body broken. So, if you use it in maximum safety conditions, there are no risks of injuries. We guarantee a safe product without broken parts that can appear during the time of use.

Jumping can be very useful if you know how to do it well. During the jump, an acceleration force is what makes the effect in the addition to the usual gravity force. Both forces can add up for the user during the item jumping and the person seems to become heavier. When the user leaves the surface, he is under a free-fall condition. If the inert force and gravitation compensate, this means a weightless jumper.

If you understand these important facts that will help you use the Half Fold CELLERCISER Kit (Rebounder), you will be ready for a fun and healthy time.Be Sociable, Share!