Health Benefits of Trampolining

We are always told that working out is good for our health, that it will help us live a better life, free of medication and pills and so on. And you know that’s true, but when on Earth are you going to find the time to work out properly? Another thing: in order to work out, you have to have some energy left in you; when you get back from the office or school, the energy bar is looking kind of empty, thus you postpone working out for some other time. There are tons of excuses we can make not to do a little physical exercise, no matter how good it may be for us on the long run, because, on the short term, it hurts.

But what if there was an instrument that could help you stay in shape while not being excessively hard on you? Would you go for it? If yes, then you should buy a trampoline.

The Advantages of a Trampoline

You may think that this is something only a kid should play with, but you are mistaken. The trampoline has been proven to be an excellent form of working out, more so than many exercises we typically associate with workouts. It’s also quite cheap compared to many fitness devices out there. Further down, we will take a peek at why investing in a trampoline and actively using it is a good idea. First of all:

  • Your bones get stronger. Other forms of exercising, like jogging, do that too, but they have a slight disadvantage in that they subject the bones to strong forces, which may lead to micro-fissures. That could lead to complications in the joints and/or spine. Of course, it will happen after many years of practice, and not everyone “benefits” from it – but why take any chances? The same effect can be achieved by bouncing on a trampoline, with the added benefit that down forces don’t affect the bones in a negative way, thanks to the relatively soft surface of a trampoline.
  • You get better lymphatic circulation when you bounce. The actual explanation involves physics and something to do with the difference between G forces, as well as some biology, so we will skip that part. You only need to know that the body actually eliminates toxins during the time you jump.
  • Your sense of balance and coordination will be improved. With enough time spent bouncing, you will eventually arrive at a better understanding of your body, enough to know what part of it to move in order to keep jumping on the same spot. Knowing that you have to move your hands is not enough, you have to know when to move them and how much, and this only comes through practice.
  • Your heart will be grateful. When exercising, the heart pumps blood faster, and that increased activity will help it keep fit, so that it continues beating normally for a long time to come. In fact, the entire cardiovascular system will be improved at the end of the day.
  • You engage all your muscles in this activity. You are not just using the legs to bounce up and down – every muscle in your body is put to the test. From the toes up, your every single fiber will be subjected to forces of various intensities. In the end, they will all come out of there victorious.

The Healthy Effect of Trampolining

There have been several studies made on the matter of trampolines and their effect on health, one of which comes from the US agency in charge of space. In that study, they have found that rebounding on a trampoline is 68 percent more effective in maintaining your body in tip-top shape then jogging will ever be.

From similar studies, we find out that jumping on a trampoline regularly will have better effects than swimming does, and we all know how demanding that activity is. Similarly, strength in the upper and lower body is gradually being developed, as you continue the jumping exercises in a fashion similar to weight lifting.

Bottom Line

As you could see, a simple trampoline can take the place of many activities, as well as save you some money due to not having to buy various dedicated equipment. What more needs to be said in order to convince you that this is a piece of equipment you must have in your house? Maybe the part where you have a lot of fun while losing weight and developing the muscle and bone systems will do? Consider it done.

Furthermore, you can always share the trampoline with your kids, thus sharing its advantages with the little ones from an early age. So, we understand (hopefully) that the trampoline is a great thing to have around for many reasons, primarily health reasons; now the only thing left to do is to browse the Web and stores for that one trampoline that will satisfy every need you have.Be Sociable, Share!