The Importance of Having a Good Quality Trampoline

You think buying a trampoline is an easy task? That it is all a matter of price and / or how cool the thing looks like? Well, partially, you are right. However, there are some differences between trampolines which could make your investment a good one or a not-so-good one. Some of the things you will read further down will probably be known to you, while others will be new, but, in any case, one thing is perfectly clear and not debatable: a trampoline is never a bad investment.

Types of Trampolines

You will find two reliable types of trampolines on the market. The first, and probably most common, is the round one. A circle makes perfect sense, as the forces are equally distributed and its design has an affinity for safety. When someone bounces on it, he or she tends to be thrown towards the middle of the trampoline, which by definition is the safest spot to be in.

Next, we have the rectangular type. This one is a more specialized sort, and it is mostly used by athletes and those passionate about sports to perform more complicated exercises. That happens because the jump force tends to be higher compared to a round trampoline.

The size of the trampoline you want is limited only by your space and budged, as well as how many people plan on using it at the same time. Size can also be influenced by what the purpose of the trampoline is. Will it be used by the kids to lay off steam, or to develop a new martial art or gymnastics move?

What to Look at When Buying a Trampoline

There are several aspects you might want to keep an eye out for, as they normally make the difference between a high quality trampoline and an average one. So, without further ado:

  • The Frame

This is the most important part of a trampoline. The frame is the one holding everything together when you are jumping on the trampoline, so it has to be very resistant. Besides resistance, it should also be galvanized on the inside in order to be protected from the elements, and be easy to assemble and take apart in case of moving. The welded leg sockets should also be inspected to see if the metal’s thickness is about 1.5-2 mm.

  • The Springs

As a general rule, the more springs there are, the better the quality and the more weight it can support. There are the ones who provide the actual bounce, so they cannot be overlooked. Pay attention and check to see if the springs are made from high quality tensile steel. Also, try to measure their length; 5-8.5 inches are used for domestic appliances, while anything over 9 inches is used by the pros.

  • The Pads

To make things more comfortable, as well as ad a bit of protection to the trampoline, good quality pads should be bought. These are the things used to cover the springs, so make sure you get them wide enough to cover the springs neatly.

  • The Cover

Don’t neglect this part, or you will be significantly reducing the trampoline’s lifespan. If you plan on keeping it in the open, a cover is a must, as it acts as protection against dirt, bird droppings, leaves, UV rays and so on and so forth. A cover will add some good years to the trampoline’s lifespan, so don’t pass on it.

There are other elements you can look at, like safety nets or basketball hoops, but those are optional, and there isn’t any real recommendation to make for them. On the other hand, everything mentioned above is crucial for buying a good trampoline.

Why Is It Important To Have A High Quality Trampoline?

To save money on the long run, of course! We all know that quality costs more, but opting for the more expensive choice is more often than not the wiser decision. Think about it, you buy some cheap, low quality item today, it works well for a few months and then it breaks down forcing you to buy another one or spend money on repairing it. On the long run, if you would have gone for the high quality (but more expensive) trampoline, then you won’t have to worry about a replacement for the next couple of years.

With a high quality trampoline, you will have all of its advantages at your disposal (the fun parts and working out) for a long time to come. You will love it, your kids will love it, and your friends will do so too.

While it may seem silly, a trampoline is an excellent way to bring people together and have some nice, healthy fun without anyone feeling out of place. After all, how hard is it to jump up and down on a round or rectangular surface? Well, judging by some clips found on the Internet, not hard indeed.Be Sociable, Share!