JumpSport 14-Foot Soft Bounce Trampoline

JumpSport 14-Foot Trampoline – Have Fun on Mambo Rhythms!

Kids love jumping and bouncing in the yard and the JumpSport 14-Foot Soft Bounce Trampoline is the perfect addition to the playground for a boost of fun and cheerful laughs in a sunny afternoon playing time.

Jump up and down and move it all around! – A bit about the JumpSport Trampoline

The JumpSport 14-foot trampoline is the one of the most awaited releases from the well -known jumping trampolines and outdoor equipment producer, JumpSport. Its whole design is constructed around the idea of safety while playing and reducing any injury risks.

Shake your head to the sound, put your hands on the ground! – Main features of the 14-Foot Trampoline from JumpSport

Studies have shown that more than a half of all injuries involving a trampoline happen on the jumping surface. With a company motto like “Protecting kids while still letting them have a great time!”, it is pretty obvious which are its best features.

With this magic playful JumpSport trampoline, safety is the last of your worries, since it features a top class patented technology named SoftBounce. This amazing safe technology splits the shock absorbing springs in two. The first half engages suddenly at the moment of the jump, the other half enters in action after a fraction of a second. This method considerably decreases the impact on the trampoline mat, reducing risks of unfortunate occurrences in the playground.

The blue frame pad is made up of cell foam, strong, thick and covered with a strong PVC outer coat. The coat has a powerful powder coat finish in black with UV protection and water resistant shield to ensure durability and a long life to the item.

The metal frame reinforcing the 14-foot trampoline is heavy duty, made of Cold Rolled Steel with a diameter of 1.8 inches. No wonder it has 10 years warranty, even if daily used!

Unlike regular rectangular trampolines, which have 9 x 16 inches playing surface, this 14-foot trampoline has a jumping surface with 24% larger. 14 feet diameter round jumping area allows more people to have fun at the same time.

The JumpSport 14-Foot SoftBounce Trampoline is often bought with the additional 380 degrees safety enclosure which uses “back up” support systems for steadily fixing the net on the ground and ensures a proper enclosure for the jumping surface.

Take one step left and one step right! – Main advantages of the JumpSport 14 ft Trampoline

The most obvious advantage of the JumpSport 14 ft trampoline is the superior safety, being stronger than ordinary trampolines. Powerful springs allow even adults weighing up to 225 pounds to jump without risks. Kids will love it, since they can bounce more than one at a time.

Sometimes cheap trampolines are unsafe and causing injury. They usually are smaller and start to break-down in the first months of usage. They also have smaller springs which provide a stiffer bounce, riskier and uncomfortable.

With a safety enclosure separately sold, parents can enjoy some refreshing cocktails on the porch whilst kids can have fun without the need of constantly watching them out. Or they can join them for more fun, bonding in the same time, since the JumpSport trampoline is strong enough to support them.

Nowadays parents always complain about the fact that their kids spend less time playing outside and they tend to be more attracted by television and video games. A funny bouncing trampoline will be a temptation to most of them and a healthy alternative to indoor activities.

Using the trampoline regularly increases the kids’ stamina, builds up their athletic qualities, develops their balance and spatial awareness and gives them self-confidence. Exercising stimulates the natural development of neural networks which will improve the learning ability of the younger children. It also increases their visual acuity. Jumping the trampoline can be a great addition to practicing other sports which require a proper balance, such as snow or wake boarding, skiing or cheerleading.

Don’t worry about setting up the JumpSport 14-Foot trampoline , everybody will do it simply and quickly, since the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

One to the front and one to the side! – Main drawbacks of the JumpSport Trampoline

Some people complained about the color changing a little too fast over the summer. They didn’t say how powerful the sun exposure was, but they noticed some discoloured areas on the coat or a general fade of the jumping surface.

Clap your hands once and clap your hands twice! – Customers reviews and real buyer stories

Generally people are satisfied with the great customer support they received from JumpSport whenever they had a problem or a question regarding their products. Prompt, practically overnight solutions were given to them by the producer.

Some customer said he had a few bolt covers missing from the package. He called JumpSport and they sent them to him within a few days with no questions asked.

Another client who bought the JumpSport 14-Foot trampoline, had some frayed pieces in the safety enclosure and he contacted the company to inquire if this could affect the future safety and if it will lead to its weakening in time. He had the surprise to find out that JumpSport didn’t want to take any chances and, again without questioning, they send a new enclosure.

Customers are satisfied with the JumpSport  trampoline and speak high of it. The happiest with it are people which had an old trampoline and replaced it for some reason with JumpSport 14-foot trampoline. They sure noticed the difference between them, starting from increased safety all the way to disappearing of knees discomfort and even pain.

People agree that the JumpSport trampoline is not the cheapest trampoline available, having a medium price, comparing with similar trampolines, but they don’t forget that it is bigger than most of the other trampolines and much, much safer.

And if it look like this then you’re doing it right!

Jumpsport has been providing good reliable trampolines over the years. The JumpSport 14-foot trampoline(Soft Bounce) is the result of studies based on the customer feedback and top class technology materials, so let’s bounce and mambo!Be Sociable, Share!