Needak Mini Trampoline Rebounder R02

Needak Rebounder Mini Trampoline R02 – Jump, Have Tons Of Fun And Lose Weight At Home!

The Needak Mini Trampoline Rebounder R02 Soft Bounce is a great home exercising jumping device, strong, reliable and fun!

A Few Things about the Needak Rebounder Trampoline and Its Producer

This Needak rebounder trampoline uses a patented system, named “soft-bounce“, which makes it perfect for those who like jumping exercising harmless to the body. It is brought to the public by the American producer Needak Manufacturing, who is currently the leader of this market segment.

Founded in 1990, Needak Manufacturing, the home of well-known Soft-Bounce rebounders, has had a main goal since the beginning, to produce the best rebounder one could find. With more than twenty years of experience and research, the enterprise is now the leader of the rebounders industry. The main strategy of the manufacturer has always been a balanced combo between quality and innovation.

The location of the factory is in USA, O’Neill, Nebraska.

They address to clients starting from early ages to elderly, but for the ones young at heart.

For Needak Manufacturing, using their mini trampoline rebounder is not enough, they want you to love it!

The Main Features of the Needak Mini Trampoline

The Needak Mini Trampoline comes in a compact package and weighs 26 pounds. It has a 40 inch diameter and it is sustained by a frame made of heavy steel which features platform pins, also made of solid steel.

The jump mat is made of industrial polypropylene, (tradename: Permatron) and it perfectly matches the blue or black hard coat finish, which is lead free and non-toxic baked on powder material.

The bouncing energy is absorbed by 36 strong springs, connected to the frame with a replaceable clevis pin. The springs are made of high grade music wire.

Six steel foldeble legs support the whole asembly, lifting it ten inches above the floor .

The Main Advantages – Fitness, Fun and Safety!

Fitness – the main purpose of Needak Rebounder Mini Trampoline

Needak’s stated goal is to the best producer of rebounders available on the market. The music wire springs are responsible with one of the highest resilience a similar mini rebounder can offer, with minimal impact on the jumper’s body. They remove the “bottom of bounce” shock and the bounce is more controlled by the “jumbo” spring mechanism. The company estimated a 20-60% extra shock absorption, far more than traditional rebounders.

Jumping on the Needak mini trampoline is an effective, recognized method of burning calories, losing a few pounds and having fun while doing it.

Used regularly, the rebounder mini trampoline provides real help for those who want to stay fit. The benefits can be seen and felt in a few weeks of constant practice.

Fun – comes naturally with Needak Rebounder Trampoline

Don’t worry that you don’t know how to use it, everything will come naturally, just jump up and down, trying to reach higher and higher! And for the advanced exercisers, the delivery includes two 45 minutes DVDs, “Immune System” and “Carol’s Health Bounce” and a book, “Jumping for Health” where you will learn all the possible techniques to efficiently use this small exercise trampoline.

You won’t have to wait for it too long, just 3-5 days from the moment of the order and Needak Rebounder reaches its destination.

Safety – the main concern when designing Needak Rebounding Trampoline

The lead-free, powder coat material is attractively colored and durable. The six steel tubes serving as legs have all synthetic rubber tips for not leaving marks on the floors.

The producer offers a limited lifetime warranty to cover for the errors of workmanship and the defects of the materials. The high tech welding process is a guarantee of the lastingness of the rebounding trampoline.

There are people with balance disorders or people who feel a slight discomfort when jumping. Needak thought of them too and they can buy separately a Rebounder Stabilizing bar. The bar is adjustable and provides confidence while exercising.

Main Drawbacks

One customer complained about the way the circumferential cloth cover protecting the springs is attached to the circular frame. He says that the Velcro straps, which fasten the cover by rolling to the frame and sticking back on themselves, are too few. He was worried about the fact that one of them could come off during the bouncing and, if not looking in that direction, he could step on the springs. He suggested that some clasps, instead of fastening straps, would have been safer.

Customers Reviews and Real Buyers Stories

Customers who bought Needak Rebounder Trampoline are pleased with what they received at the delivery. They all manage to build it up, easily, after carefully reading the instructions.

They all agree that the Needak mini tramp is a reliable item and most of them bought it after using other rebounders. They say that unlike the old ones, which easily got ripped and were stiff when bouncing, the Needak trampoline is soft, balanced and resistant. A customer with a sharp sense of humor asked his family members to try for a few moments the old rebounder and then the new one. The result was that jumping on other label rebounder was like “trying to bounce on a bean bag compared to the Needak”

One customer complained about the texture of the cover around the circumference. In the pictures on the website he says it looked cushioned and in reality it was sleek just like nylon.

In Conclusion

For those people who want to exercise, but can’t afford a fitness center subscription, or they just don’t have enough time to attend one, the Needak Mini Trampoline Rebounder R02 is the one click away answer!Be Sociable, Share!