Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

Offer Your Little One Fun And Exercise With The Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

If your small child isn’t getting enough exercise or if you’d like to offer him more ways to have fun, then the new Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline is exactly what you need. With a solid frame, a great springy action with no actual springs and many safety features, this small trampoline for kids will offer your little jumper with hours of joy while also helping him exercise muscles and develop coordination skills. The Kids Jumper trampoline clearly is a good competitor on this market with a great price, sturdy construction and a long lasting pad that will provide your kids with a load of bouncing fun.

Main Features of the Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline

This kids trampoline comes with a solid frame that is made from strong galvanized steel. Without any springs involved, the padding offers enough elasticity and spring action for hours of jumping. The padding is reinforced with 8 rows of stitching which makes it both durable and safer for any child.

The trampoline is ASTM approved and it also meets and safety standards required for its product class. The total surface of the trampoline is 37.8L x 38.2W inches and it can hold a child starting from the age of 3 and weighing a maximum of 75 pounds.

The Pure Fun trampoline also comes with an included tool which helps assembling the trampoline with minimal effort. The T joints are not welded and that helps them outlast conventional welded joints.

Main Advantages of the Kids Trampoline with Handle

  • Due to the extra stitching rows and the lack of springs, this springless trampoline is a lot safer than similar products, greatly decreasing the chances of an accident occurring
  • The frame is made of galvanized steel, making this trampoline extremely durable while also making it more stable
  • Since the small trampoline measures 37.8L x 38.2W, it is more than suitable to children above 3 years, and it can hold even heavier kids that weigh no more than 75 pounds
  • The Kids Jumper trampoline costs less than other trampolines of similar size while offering a higher quality experience
  • The thick foam padding and the jump pad are not only durable, but they are also excellent for your kid, as he can jump up and down for hours while exercising all muscle groups which will aid in a better muscular development
  • Since the trampoline involves a lot of coordination, your little one will learn how to control jumping and landing while also aiding in future sports
  • This trampoline comes with all the required safety features which include handle bars, allowing your small child to hold on to the trampoline while jumping, preventing any potential injuries
  • The galvanized heavy duty steel tubing also is resistant to corrosion, allowing you to mount this great trampoline even outdoors without fear of rust or other damage related to weather
  • The colorful vinyl covering makes this trampoline look great while also being easy on the eyes of the little ones
  • The durable Pure Fun Kids Jumper also comes with a limited 2 year warranty, ensuring that your small kids will not miss an hour of fun on this long lasting trampoline

Main Drawbacks

  • While this trampoline isn’t the hardest to assemble toy, there are several features that can make it more difficult to put together, especially when it comes to inexperienced parents
  • The Kids Jumper can offer a lot of fun to your little ones, but due to its limited size and maximum 75 pounds resistance, it cannot hold children of higher ages and weight

My Experience with this Pure Fun Trampoline for Kids

I can say that I’m quite handy with assembling anything from kids’ toys to shelves or even more complicated contraptions. I managed to read a few reviews before buying the Pure Fun Kids Jumper trampoline, and many parents complained that it is hard to assemble. While I admit that it did take me a bit more time than I had expected to put this trampoline together, it wasn’t as hard as many claim.

The secret is to take it methodically, make sure you have all the tools and to follow the instructions carefully. It took me about an hour to mount this Pure Fun kid trampoline, and I can say that I was quite pleased with the quality of the galvanized steel tubing. It’s no wonder that the guys from Pure Fun are offering a 2 year warranty on this thing, the tubing alone can withstand a lot of pounding, not to mention that durable vinyl that covers the jumping surface and the 8 rows of stitching.

I expected to see some springs on this thing, but apparently this springless trampoline works quite well without involving any. This makes it a lot safer than other types of trampolines, first because it limits the amount of bounce and rebound and decreases the chances of accidents, and then because your small child can’t trap his fingers of pinch any skin by mistake.

The size of the trampoline is decent enough, and both my 5 son and my 4 and 5 year old nephews had no problems using it. The added handle bars are great not only because they allow your kid to exercise while adding stability, but it can also help your little ones invent new jumps while holding unto these bars while ensuring that they won’t land on their head if they lose their balance.

Overall, I was quite pleased with both the structure and the functionality of the Pure Fun Kids Jumper, I can recommend it to any parent who wants to provide his kids with great exercise and a fun bouncy experience.


With a sturdy frame, quality materials and a great price, the Pure Fun Kids Jumper Trampoline is among the best small sized trampolines for kids. Your little one will just love this trampoline, and he will jump in delight for hours on end. If you want to get your kids to both exercise and have fun, then this safe and quality trampoline is choice to consider.Be Sociable, Share!