Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline with Enclosure with Spring Pad

The Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad – A High-Quality, Safe and Entertaining Toy for an Excellent Price

You can now easily bring jumping, bouncing and great fun into your own backyard – with the 12ft Trampoline  with enclosure from Skywalker. The trampoline comes with the quality that has made users appreciate Skywalker products so much: this round trampoline features high-quality materials and ingenious engineering solutions that make the outdoor trampoline fun and safe to use.

General Features of the Skywalker 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

The Skywalker trampoline measures 45 x 50 x 10 inches and weighs only 60 pounds, being sturdy and stable, but relatively lightweight. The jumping mat offers a large bouncing space measuring 12 feet in diameter, and the toy also includes a spring pad to cover all the elements that can pose the risk of injuries and an additional safety enclosure to keep all jumpers secure.

The round trampoline is recommended for kids from the age of 6 and its maximum weight capacity is 200 lbs and it is available in three colors: red, blue and green, all resistant to the effects of UV radiations and the elements.

Special Features of the 12 Foot Skywalker Trampoline That Make It Stand Out

The 12ft trampoline comes with many extra features that add value to it:

  • The frame of the trampoline is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel.
  • All metal parts are resistant to rust, so you can leave the trampoline outside all year long.
  • The Skywalker 12-feet round trampoline with enclosure features numerous patented or patent pending technologies, some of which used on the frame, like the special, welded T-bracket on the enclosure. This invention makes the frame even stronger and even more resistant to twisting. It also strengthens the joints of the frame, adding even more security.
  • The springs of the item are covered with a special pad that protects the springs and the users against getting injured by contact with metal parts.
  • The W-shaped legs of the 12 foot trampoline are also the result of careful and creative engineering. Due to the special shape, the legs adds more stability and they also protect the area the trampoline is placed on – with these legs you will never have to complain that the grass underneath the trampoline dries out.
  • The entire frame comes with additional padding made of soft foam to protect the users and the trampoline alike.
  • This round trampoline uses a heavy duty jumping mat made of polypropylene. The material has anti-slip properties, too and it is protected against the effects of UV radiations as well.
  • The Skywalker trampoline comes equipped with a safety net as well – pre-mounted from the factory.
  • The trampoline net is dense and strong, but still allowing parents to have perfect visuals of what is going on inside the trampoline.
  • The way the net attaches to the jumping mat is another ingenious solution by Skywalker: it comes fastened directly to the mat to eliminate any space between net and the mat. This way, jumpers cannot step outside the mat and get hurt.
  • The trampoline net is fastened to the mat with button-holes instead of clips. This technology has the advantage of eliminating any danger of puncturing the mat, thus protecting it.
  • The 12 foot trampoline with enclosure features no ropes or other components that the users can get entangled in.
  • This Skywalker trampoline is very easy to assemble – all you need is a little patience.
  • This 12ft trampoline with safety net comes with one year warranty for the frame and 90 days for the other parts.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The durability of the trampoline and the quality of the trampoline safety solutions are unquestionable. However, there is one point for improvement, and that is the instructions manual, which isn’t really as helpful as you might want it to be.

My Experience with the Skywalker Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure

I had the opportunity to take part in the assembly of one of these 12 foot trampolines with enclosure and I also tried jumping on it.

One of my friends ordered the trampoline for his son’s birthday. The little guy somehow found out about the plan and, by the time the Skywalker trampoline arrived, he was so excited that we had to start assembling the toy right away. We completed the entire assembly project within 2 hours, even though the instructions manual was not exactly helpful.

After two hours of assembly work, the outdoor trampoline was ready to be tested. The boy’s mother was the first to climb in. She started jumping and I could see how her face illuminated gradually. She climbed off and told me that it was so great, she never expected a few jumps to be so relaxing. I tried the trampoline as well, but I am a bit more critical and I tried to find at least one negative thing. I couldn’t. The jumping experience was truly amazing. The entire structure is sturdy and you feel safe – no matter how high you jump, you just know you will land the way should, without hurting or injuring yourself.

After we tested the trampoline alright, it was time for the little one to climb in, too. He enjoyed it so much, he tossed and turned on the mat, then he got up to jump a bit, then he rolled over. He tried all the positions possible, until he was so exhausted that he had to be carried to bed.

This happened three years ago and the trampoline is still among his favorite toys. The family also can do trampoline exercises to become fit and healthy. The family nowadays must organize special jump parties for the boy’s friends – the trampoline made the little guy really popular.

As for durability, the round trampoline with enclosure has not been moved from the spot we installed it on the first day and all the parts are completely intact, showing no deteriorations whatsoever.

The Verdict

If you need a great, safe and reliable toy to convince your kids that playing outside is much better and much more entertaining than sitting inside and playing computer games, this outdoor trampoline might be a good option to consider. The 12-feet trampoline is available for a great price, so you can be sure that, with the Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad, you will get good value for the money.Be Sociable, Share!