Trampoline Buying Guide

Finding a good toy for your children may be hard sometimes, since everything is so expensive these days, and you don’t even know what to get them. There are a few good options, however, that neither you nor your kids will regret; one of them is buying a fun and sturdy trampoline.

If you want your children to have the best time possible during the sunny summer days, consider getting your children a trampoline, and they will bounce to their heart’s desire all day long. Be sure, however, to do some careful research, as you definitely won’t want to get a flimsy model that will break down before you even poke it with your finger.

Types of Trampolines

The first thing to do before deciding on a specific type of trampoline is to consider all your options carefully. There are many differences between trampolines, whether in terms of style, size, quality and, most especially, usage.

  • First of all, when thinking about different sizes, consider whether only children will be using the trampoline or adults as well. A 14’ trampoline would be much more appropriate, for instance, than a 12’ one, if your children are still growing and you would like them to be able to use it for a longer time.
  • For indoor use, mini trampolines are ideal, especially for smaller children.
  • Recreational trampolines are the most popular and sought after varieties. Smaller ones can be portable, and they generally come in a lot of fun and interesting shapes: square, round or even octagonal. They can be used for long periods outdoors, and will likely give your children the most exciting time ever.
  • Competitive trampolines are made of sturdy materials such as iron and special fabrics, and are perfect for sports events. Who says only children can have fun with a trampoline? Competitive models will let you make higher jumps and complex stunts, and are even used in highly rated international competitions.


Based on a trampoline’s size, brand, price and overall quality, as well as its long term sturdiness, one can classify them in three distinct categories. Each of these comes with its specific pricing ranges, and can suit different people’s needs, depending on what they would want from a new trampoline system and how much they are willing to invest in it.

  • High end trampolines: While these represent the most expensive variety of trampolines on the market, you and your children will never get tired of all the fun and quality time you can get from using a high end trampoline. These are extremely durable, and their craftsmanship is practically flawless, designed for great bounce dynamics and with reliable padding placed around the edge of the trampolines.
  • Mid-range trampolines: The differences between mid-range and high end trampolines are not always clear. Usually it depends on the brand; however, it is generally known that mid-range models are a bit less expensive and more accessible, while retaining many of the qualities of the durable, high end variety.
  • Budget trampolines: There’s a saying according to which you get exactly as much as you are willing to pay. While this is not always true, it can be said that budget trampolines, while much cheaper than most of the trampolines from the other two categories, are not generally good for long term use. Some brands do manufacture better quality budget trampolines, but they may be difficult to find, since there are so many retailers out there walking all over each other just to sell cheap trampolines – but you may be better off just buying a more expensive one.

Ordering Online

When it comes to getting a new trampoline, it may be a great idea to order online. Not all online retailers are selling the best merchandise, of course, but, while visiting regular DIY chains or street stores you will be mostly on your own, so to speak, online shopping can be much more useful in terms of getting more information on the products you want to buy.

Reviews, testimonials and buyer guides can help you decide on the type of trampoline that may be best suited to your needs, and when it comes to safety this is no laughing matter, since a poor quality design or cheap materials can easily lead to accidents.

Safety Precautions

The growing popularity of trampolines worldwide has led to an increased number of accidents, as well. The truth is that trampolines are indeed fun, bouncy things that can bring your children a lot of joy, but the problem is that many people don’t take the issue of safety into account, especially when buying a cheaper model, and this can be dangerous, particularly in the case of younger children.

While the design of the models themselves is not always the reason for this issue, most manufacturers urge parents to take safety precautions as seriously as possible both while purchasing and while having their children use the trampolines.

  • First of all, you should always ensure that the trampoline you buy comes fitted with safety pads. These pads should completely cover the hooks, the frame and the springs in order to avoid any type of accident.
  • Many accidents happen because of the lack of a safety net. When you buy a new trampoline, make sure the design covers this issue, or buy a safety cage in order to reduce the chance that your child would fall onto the ground.
  • If you want to buy a commercial trampoline, keep in mind that all of the ones built after 2001 should comply with the BS EN 13219:2001 standard for trampolines. Also, don’t forget that this only applies to commercial models, and there is no similar standard for garden or domestic trampolines

Final Thoughts

Now, considering all the things we have talked about here, you may be a little nervous or concerned about buying your kid a new trampoline. While safety and quality are important things to keep into account when making your purchase, however, your children’s appetite for fun is equally important; and after all, what’s life without a few small calculated risks to spice things up?

In any case, if you follow all the precautions and buy a sturdy, durable and well built trampoline, you and your children will have no issues with it whatsoever, and you will be able to enjoy yourselves throughout the summer.

One Final Note

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