Trampoline Maintenance Guide

If you want your trampoline to live a long time – which is a really good idea when you think of the expense of buying a new one – trampoline maintenance should be one of your most important concerns.

This is not just a matter of keeping your trampoline shiny. Many accidents and safety concerns can be eliminated with a few simple precautions that you can perform on a regular basis to make sure your trampoline is in top shape.

Extending the Life of Your Trampoline

Keeping your trampoline safe doesn’t always involve safety nets or other similar accessories. These will not be able to protect you in case the material breaks or the frame is bent out of shape because of the increased stress. So, what can you possibly do to save the life of your precious trampoline and keep it safe (for and from its users)? Easy: start working on maintenance.

The most important part of trampoline maintenance is to keep a sharp eye and spot any signs that the device may need some repair work. These signs can come in all shapes and sizes: holes or tears in the fabric, a bent or loose trampoline frame, a torn mat, missing or stretched springs and much more.

Other methods of precaution can be to use fabric protectors on the mat or the safety pad, preserving these essential trampoline parts. Also, you can simply consider moving your trampoline into the garage or another indoor space when you are not using it. This will ensure that it won’t be damaged by any outside influencing factors.

If you wish to keep your trampoline outside, there is an easy way of keeping it safe from strong winds. Before a storm, you can simply tie it to the ground by using stakes and strong ropes, and you won’t have to worry about the wind taking it on a “stroll”.

Springs and Parts

Keeping all the parts of a trampoline in order is the best way of ensuring that it will safely last for a long time and of avoiding any unpleasant events (yes, we are talking about crashes here) in the future. Even if you need to replace some parts, it may also be less expensive than having to buy a completely new trampoline, especially if you are not looking for a cheap budget model.

Some items or parts, such as the strings or the frame – in case it’s too damaged – will need to be replaced, while others can be repaired. A loose frame, for example, can sometimes be repaired easily by just tightening a few loose screws.

If any of the springs are damaged or missing, you will have to replace them. For this purpose, you can just take a quick walk to your local store (or even better, a trampoline dealer), or you could phone the manufacturer, as they will know exactly what you need.

It may be a good idea to keep some extra spare parts close by, since you never really know when you may have to use them, and you don’t want to miss some of the best summer weeks of letting your family enjoy the trampoline just because you don’t have the parts. That would be a total catastrophe!

A Trampoline Cover?

A special accessory that you can use to protect your trampoline from damage and keep it in top shape is called a trampoline cover. These accessories are specially designed to fit over the entire trampoline frame, regardless of whether you own a rectangular, round or even an octagonal shaped trampoline.

The covers are usually completely water proof, but they will not only protect your trampoline from storms and bad weather. Excessive sunlight, debris and other factors can also be involved in shortening your beloved trampoline’s life span, and most of these covers are just perfect for protecting it in such cases.

Sometimes, a trampoline cover alone will be enough to keep your device in good shape for a pretty long time, but don’t get comfy, since excessive stress and tearing during use can still be a major problem, especially when it comes to budget trampolines.

Final Thoughts

You don’t necessarily have to check on your trampoline all the time, but as with any device, it’s an excellent idea to do so regularly, especially if you have small children using it all the time.

Children and teenagers are even more accident-prone than adults, and apart from the usual safety precautions, it may be even better to apply a few simple maintenance tips. Even a low budget trampoline can then be kept in excellent shape for years to come.

By that time, you may hear your neighbor throwing a fit after having bought 2 or 3 expensive trampolines that have already broken down while you’re still on your first – now that’s a feat to remember!Be Sociable, Share!