Aosom Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure Combo

The Aosom Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure Combo – Safe Jumping and Great Fun with a Budget-Priced Outdoor Toy

If you are looking for a great development toy to make your kids love physical exercise or an outdoor equipment that will transform your yard into the center of all the action designed to entertain kids and adults alike, you might want to take a closer look at the Aosom 14 foot trampoline with enclosure. This durable, safe and, most importantly, very entertaining trampoline will make for a great investment in family fun and it will surely keep the kids busy and fill your yard with happy laughter

General Features of the 14 foot Trampoline with Enclosure

The Aosom 14 foot trampoline without the net stands 35 inches tall. The Aosom trampoline itself is sturdy and spacious: the jumping surface is made of durable polypropylene material and it measures 168 inches in diameter. The entire trampoline weighs130 lbs and it excels in resistance as well: it is able to hold up as much as 330 lbs.

The Aosom trampoline includes a durable trampoline safety net to prevent the injuries resulting from jumping and the resistant and comfortable safety padding is also included in the package.

Special Features that Account for the Aosom Trampoline’s Popularity

The 14ft trampoline with enclosure from Aosom with net truly abounds in features included for protecting the users and for providing an outstanding jumping experience:

It features all-around safety with the help of the net surrounding the entire unit.

  • This Aosom 14ft trampoline comes with an entry-exit door to make it easier to get in and out of the trampoline.
  • The trampoline net is made of soft and durable polypropylene and it measures 168’ in diameter and 71’ in height.
  • The net is fastened with the help of special straps and ropes that will keep it in place without damaging the net.
  • The special safety enclosure is made of durable steel tube. The tube used is 1.1 inch in diameter and its walls are 1.2 mm thick.
  • All the steel components are hot steel galvanized.
  • The frame and the extensions are assembled from the tubes provided: 8 tubes for the frame, 4 for the U-shaped part and 8 more for the leg extensions.
  • The poles of the frame are padded with foam material for additional safety.
  • The 88 springs provided in the package are also made of very durable steel alloy tubes of 7” and they feature an easy-to-assemble, unique system that prevents any injury caused by exposed spring hooks.
  • The U-shaped legs are a great design invention that adds even more stability.
  • All the components of the Aosom 14ft trampoline are treated with special anti-fungal, anti-bacterial coating and they also feature special coating that prevents not only getting damaged by the rays of the sun, but also protects against cold.
  • This round trampoline is very easy to assemble. The package comes with bolts that require no drilling or cutting during mounting. It also includes all the clamps required for the assembly.
  • This 14 foot trampoline with safety net meets the requirements of several very strict industry standards and it is certified by TUV and GS.
  • The Aosom trampoline is very conveniently priced, providing a durable outdoor toy for any budget and any family.

Are There Any Disadvantages You Should Know About?

This 14ft Trampoline  with enclosure provides outstanding safety and entertainment at the same time. However, you must know that the instruction manual included with the trampoline could offer more help with assembly. Though the instructions are not very clear and the photos that accompany them could have be taken from angles that provide more details, the construction of the unit makes it still quite easy to assemble, and the parts generally fit into place smoothly.

My Experience with the Aosom 14 ft Trampoline with Enclosure

I have recommended this Aosom 14 ft trampoline with enclosure to many people, so I have seen it installed and used in many yards. I have even tried it myself – this Aosom trampoline review wouldn’t be a true one, had I not had my share of trampoline fun.

The large jumping surface is comfortable, durable and safe. I have seen wild 12-year olds work intensively letting off steam on the trampoline and they were completely safe the entire time they were testing their acrobatic skills. Not only is the mat durable and comfy: the frame is also very sturdy and stable. However wild the jumping inside is, the frame stays in place firmly. I usually recommend parents to level out the ground where they are going to put the outdoor trampoline – if you take that little extra care, there is no heavy weight jumper that could move the unit.

Durability is an attribute that applies to every detail of the 14ft trampoline. Some of my friends leave the exercise trampoline outside all year long and they all tell me how marvelously the Aosom trampoline resists any weather. One of the trampolines survived hurricane Katrina without one sign of deterioration, without any paint warping or scratches.

I have also heard my friends praising the Aosom trampoline for its entertainment and development value. We all know how children today tend to spend all day in front of their computers and how difficult it is to convince them to go outside. Well, this 14 ft. trampoline does the job alright. One of the families in my neighborhood kept complaining about how their son comes home from school, has something to eat, then sits down and plays computer games until bedtime. I recommended them the Aosom 14 foot trampoline with enclosure and, after a few weeks, they told me that their life changed completely because now there are always guests in the house – the boy’s friends who come over to do a little jumping and do trampoline exercises they never thought.

The Final Verdict

This Aosom 14 foot trampoline with enclosure can be a good choice for anyone who is looking for quality outdoor entertainment for kids and parents alike, but without making a substantial investment. It is a great budget-priced solution for those who want to have a toy that helps with the physical development of their kids and is also very much fun. The Aosom 14 ft. trampoline with safety net is easy to assemble, safe and entertaining to use and also durable and sturdy, so it offers everything you can expect from a backyard trampoline.Be Sociable, Share!