The Urban Rebounder Trampoline

Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Stabilizing Bar and Workout DVD – A Great Cardio Tool for Home

The Urban Rebounder Trampoline is much more than a simple toy to jump on. Its features elevate it from the status of an indoor toy to being a work-out tool with therapeutic and health benefits.

The trampoline provides entertainment and workout as well and the DVD included with the fitness trampoline takes cardiovascular training to a different level, too. The rebounding trampoline can successfully replace gym equipment and still offer the workout you need.

I recently found out that NASA considers trampolines 68% more efficient than other cardio equipment like treadmills or elliptic trainers and uses these units to train their astronauts, so if these trampolines are good for them, there is probably something special to them.

General Features of the Urban Rebounder Trampoline

This Urban rebounder trampoline with workout dvd & stabilizing bar package you receive includes a number of pieces: the Rebounder unit, 8 legs, 2 special, long front legs and 2 equally special, short back legs, 14 rubber pieces for the legs, the stabilizer bar and the work-out DVD are all included in the package.

When assembled without the stabilizer bar, the Urban Rebounder trampoline measures 10” in height and 40” in diameter. Considering that it weighs only 29 pounds, the workout trampoline is not only large, but lightweight as well, surprising the user with its stability. The trampoline is also very sturdy, being able to hold up to 300 pounds.

Extras Details and Features That Make this Workout Trampoline Special

The Urban rebounder folding trampoline is packed with features and it combines durability and usability so well that I am sure that beginner jumpers and athletes, kids and adults will all enjoy playing or training on it:

  • The jump area measures 28 inches from one edge to the other.
  • This rebounding trampoline does not come completely assembled, but it requires very little work and no experience at all to put it together. All you have to do is mount the legs and the bar and you are ready to jump.
  • The special construction of the jump mat absorbs all the vibrations generated while jumping, so the unit provides excellent no-impact workout for those who suffered an injury in the recent past and would like to get back into shape.
  • It can be placed into two different positions, elevated and flat, for more varied training.
  • The stabilizing bar is provided for being in the flat position if you need something to hold on to.
  • This Urban trampoline combines all the advantages of cardio and strength trainings: it builds stamina, improves the condition of your cardiovascular system and works every single muscle in your body.
  • The jumping surface of the rebounder trampoline includes special springs that prevent injuries and protect the joints that are recovering from a recent injury, too.
  • The trampoline workout DVD contains three different workout programs: a Quickstart Training program for beginners who want to start jumping, a Cardio Blast program that will make you sweat in no time, and the Core Challenge program for advanced jumpers.
  • Jumping is good not only for your muscles, but for your lymphatic system as well and the Urban trampoline makes the most of this form of exercising.
  • The Urban Trampoline comes for a convenient price.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Keep in Mind

The rebounder trampoline is made of durable, high-quality materials and it provides a safe and efficient way to train, but there is one minor aspect I must mention on the negative side: the assembly instructions are very poor. However, assembly is quite straightforward and self-explanatory, so, fortunately, good construction and design compensate for this minor drawback.

Another thing you must know about the rebounding trampoline is that it is quite noisy, making a screeching sound as you jump on it.

My Experience with this Urban Rebounding Trampoline

I have seen this Urban trampoline used by my friends and I also tried it at home for a few weeks. Though, in the beginning, I had slight balance problems – not because of the trampoline, but because my brain probably needed some time to adjust to jumping – after about half an hour, I really got the hang of it.

The trampoline is safe and sturdy, indeed. The base stood firmly on the floor – it did not move or shake at all, no matter how high I jumped. I also loved the stabilizer bar that offers just the right amount of balance for inexperienced and advanced jumpers alike.

I tried this as an trampoline indoor while watching TV – my favorite TV show distracted me, so I didn’t notice how efficient my work-out really was – and I tried the exercise DVD included with the trampoline, too. I found the trampoline exercises very efficient; the sample sessions recommended for beginners offer just the right amount of exercise for those who are not yet in a good physical condition, while the advanced sessions – the Cardio Blast was my personal favorite – help you work on every major muscle group in your body.

I was also very curious about the impact-free nature of jumping on the rebounder. I had a knee injury a few years ago and even though I can do cardio now, my knee is still sensitive. The manufacturer advertises the trampoline saying that it provides an efficient, no-impact alternative to other cardio machines, and, from my experience, it is, indeed, true. I felt no pain and experienced no swelling at all, even after trying out the more advanced training programs.

The Final Verdict

The Urban Rebounder Trampoline is a sturdy, stable and high-quality device that gives the user just the right amount of training. Spending about half an hour on this workout trampoline three or four times a week is a really entertaining way of getting into shape. You could say that the Rebounder is a device that actually combines the advantages of several cardio machines.

Though it is a bit noisy, this conveniently priced trampoline will allow you to train efficiently in the comfort of your home and also to save money by not having to pay for expensive gym subscriptions.Be Sociable, Share!