Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net, 10-foot

Ultega 10-foot Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net – Make Your Life Happier

This 10-foot Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net is a joy to have in your backyard. This lovely trampoline will make your kids so happy that they will forget all about computer games and go and play outside.

But, although a must have for the joy and happiness of the little ones, this trampoline makes an excellent choice for adults as well, ensuring the dose of fun and dynamism we all need in our life.

As a matter of fact, every family with children should have an Ultega Trampoline in their backyard and use it every day, not just to spice up the time they spend outdoors, but also to interact and bond easier. This trampoline is a jumpstart for fun and active days, a bridge between generations that no other item could create.

Main Features of the Ultega Trampoline with Net

  • This 10-foot Trampoline with net from Ultega is safe and stable, and its strength relies in the galvanized steel plumbing that constitutes its base.
  • Its four feet stabilize the entire system and provide better balance as they spread along the external edge of the jumper, wide enough to reduce the risks for tipping over.
  • Furthermore, in order to be really safe, mainly for kids, but also for adults, this Ultega Jumper trampoline comes with a full safety net, that goes all around the mat, protecting, not only the jumper from bouncing off, but also the jump surface. This net, 4 feet tall, is held together by a border of 8 rods, padded through their entire span in order to ensure even greater safety. You also have a bottom zipper which allows you to secure the net, entirely or partly, as you wish.
  • This Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net includes 64 springs and a high quality UV-resilient pad, which means that both you and your children can enjoy countless hours of springy action, without fearing that the mat will break.
  • Its dense blue pad plays a double part: protecting the springs, as well as protecting your kids from tumbling through the spring area or, even worse, from walking on a spring.

Main Advantages of this Ultega 10-foot Trampoline with Net

  • This lovely and fun 10-foot trampoline with net is not just your kids’ friend, but also yours, as it provides enough room for all of you to enjoy it fully, without taking too much of your backyard.
  • This Ultega Jumper trampoline with safety net was designed with the entire family in mind and thinking of what each member would like and need in order to be satisfied, so it is ASTM certified and complies with the TUV security directive/GS.
  • This 10-foot trampoline with net comes with a 2-year warranty, which means that it is built to last and you can enjoy it on long term, without fearing that it may wear out or jeopardize your safety and that of your kids.
  • Through its stability and durability, the Ultega Trampoline is an excellent choice for children and grown-ups, for recreational activities and intensive workouts alike. From jumps of joy to cardio training, everything is possible and can take place at any hour of the night or day, as that is what having this trampoline in your back yard means.
  • Do not worry about how to put this 10ft trampoline together, as it comes with two sets of clear instructions, one for the trampoline per se, and another for the net and poles. Besides, the whole process is easy and takes little time, so it is your choice whether you do it on your own, with the kids or with a friend or neighbor.


There are no major drawbacks associated with this Ultega trampoline, but you have to be careful when you receive it, because it is quite heavy and you may not be able to move it on your own.

Hence, an useful piece of advice would be to choose the place where you want to install it before ordering it and to have the ground leveled, so that, when the package arrives, you can ask the delivery guys to leave it in place. This way, the set up and installation will be a matter of minutes.

User’s Feedback on this 10ft Trampoline with Safety Net from Ultega

This Ultega trampoline is, definitely, highly appreciated by children of all ages, as it is resistant and very bouncy. As it was to be expected, the parents love it too, if not for the fun it lets them have while jumping, at least for the smiles it brings on their children’s faces.

Thanks to its net, this 10ft trampoline ensures the maximum level of safety for all its users, so the children can play safely outside, even when you are indoors, cooking, cleaning or relaxing after a day’s hard work.

As the parents recount, buying this trampoline was like buying more fun for the little ones and more spare time for themselves, a chance to do the things they love or simply rest and watch TV.

The best part is that while jumping, the children no longer get dirty, spread their toys around or make noise at inappropriate hours.

As for the technical features, the construction system is highly appreciated, as well as the resistance and the high quality of the materials used. The fathers are usually thrilled with how easy the assembly is when following the detailed instruction guide. The strength of the springs and the stability of the overall system make them feel at peace knowing that their children are safe.

Quite a few parents recount that after receiving and installing this 10ft trampoline with net, they simply could not resist the temptation of trying it themselves. The few minutes of jumping around made them feel young and energetic, ready to have fun next to their little ones and even helped them bond better with their life partners and their children.

A Final Word on the Ultega Jumper Trampoline

So it is safe to conclude that this Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net is a marvelous way of changing your life for the better!Be Sociable, Share!