Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set

A New Way to Have Fun – The Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set Equipped with the New Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Feature

If you live in a place where outdoor fun is a must, if you have a large family, or weekly gatherings between friends that involve many children coming over, then the Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set is just perfect to maintain a happy and lively atmosphere.

Main Features of the Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set

  • Newly added feature to simplify assembly and disassembly and poles for full enclosure;
  • The frame of the Upper Bounce trampoline is more durable and resistant to rust as it is galvanized and wrapped in powder steel.
  • The Jumping Mat is made of high quality PP mesh fabric, with 8 rows of stitches which provide increased safety, preventing at the same time any possible ruptures and guaranteeing the joy of extra usage for an extended number of years.
  • The Safety Pad (Spring Cover) is made of premium thick foam, having at the same time strong ties made of double rubber, and ensures a better protection and tighter stability of the 42 springs of 5.5” each supporting the frame of the trampoline;
  • 7.5 feet of bouncing space;
  • Enclosure height of 90”;
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds;
  • All materials are UV and water resistant.

Main Advantages

  • First, since it comes in 3 sizes (12, 14 or 15 feet), this Upper Bounce trampoline lets you choose the dimensions that are most suited for your backyard or garden;
  • The newly added EASY ASSEMBLE/DISSEMBLE feature is designed in such a way as to allow you to easily store this piece of magic during bad weather, making the Upper Bounce trampoline with enclosure set even more durable in time; there is no extra equipment or hardware needed: you simply take the poles apart, and this means that you will not need to replace components over time.
  • http://www.trampolinereviews101.com/trampoline-reviews-upper-bounce-trampoline”>The frame, coated with powder steel and galvanized, therefore rust resistant and durable, along with the three legs shaped as a W, sustain the trampoline and enclosure and prevent it from falling over;
  • The 42 springs of 5.5”each add an extra measure of security to its overall structure.
  • The superior PP mesh fabric of the Upper Bounce jumping mat is a guarantee for extra durability, along with the 8 rows of stitching that make this trampoline with enclosure last longer in time;
  • The superior quality safety pad features 450 grams of PVC on top and 310 grams of PE on the bottom;
  • The thickness of the foam at 1” makes it shock absorbent, ensuring its high density and making the trampoline resistant to water and other liquids and able to maintain its shape in time;
  • Sleeves of high quality foam pad the safety net poles for increased security and provide a colourful design;
  • The net for a safer enclosure ensures the best protection against falls or injuries, being also weather-proof;
  • The pole caps feature a special “C” hook which keeps the enclosure net in place firmly and it prevents it from sliding or falling off, for an even greater security.
  • All materials, including the jumping mat, the safety pads, the enclosure net for added safety and the foam are UV and water resistant, for a safer and longer lasting entertainment;
  • The set also includes an intuitive set up manual, along with the matching screw driver and the T-Hook (spring tool) for an even easier assembly;
  • This is a great product for children and families with more than one child;
  • Fairly priced for a product in its category, the Upper Bounce Trampoline with enclosure makes a great choice for children and adults with a young heart alike.
  • Upper Bounce, the manufacturer of this great trampoline, is also a registered company, well experienced in the production of trampolines, accessories and replacement parts, offering the fairest prices and prompt and reliable customer services.


Although no major flaws or defects were reported for this product, its capacity of only 250 pounds does not allow it to be used by more than 2-3 children at the same time, especially not without the supervision of an adult, nor does it allow the grown-ups to join in and maybe bond a little. However, it was designed exclusively for children and the lower weight bearing capacity is highly compensated with the extra safety features.

Customer Reviews on this Upper Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure

Every customer was very pleased with this trampoline with enclosure, especially with how easy it is to assemble and disassemble it. Many reviews praise the quality of the materials, with only one or two exceptions – owners who recount that some of the materials were worn out in a few weeks or that parts were missing from the package set. All of them were impressed by the stability of the Upper Bounce trampoline.


The Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set is the perfect product for any child who likes to play outside, or to have friends coming over, being an excellent workout equipment, if we consider the muscle groups used while jumping, the number of calories burnt and the cardio workout this trampoline enables – it makes you wish you were a child!

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