Upper Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure Set

Get Your Family Bouncing With Joy with The Upper Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure Set

I have written a review on the Upper Bounce Trampoline quite sometimes back, recently I discovered Upper Bounce has produced more sizes of these trampoline and enclosure sets. And I happened to attend a party just a few weeks back first time seeing and jumping on a 16-ft Upper Bounce trampoline, so I decided to write this Upper Bounce Trampoline review to share with you my latest experience with the 16-foot trampoline.

The Upper Bounce trampoline with enclosure Set with the Easy Assemble feature is designed for maximum durability and hours of jumping joy. These trampolines with enclosure come in several sizes (from 7.5 ft to 16 ft) and it can satisfy the bouncing needs of both young children and adults wanting to stay fit. The added trampoline net provides extra safety while the easy assemble feature makes installing this trampoline a breeze.

Main Features of the Upper Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure Set

The Upper Bounce Trampoline with enclosure set is sold in sizes ranging from 7.5 feet to 16 feet, making it one of the largest on the market. This trampoline can hold between 250 and 330 pounds depending on size, and it is designed for heights ranging from 90 to 108 inches.

The structure is made from heavy duty galvanized steel that is also powder coated, providing extra resistance to corrosion and durability. The poles are easily assembled and disassembled thanks to the Easy Assemble feature. The jumping mat is made of durable polypropylene mesh while the 8 rows of stitching confers increased resistance to wear and tear.

The thick foam safety pad covers the base frame and springs, making the trampoline a safe place to spend hours of bouncing up and down while also protecting it from the weather. The enclosure net is weather-proof and resistant, providing jumpers with maximum security at all times while making access easy to the jumping area.

Main Advantages of this Trampoline with Net Set

  • Coming in a variety of sizes from 7.5 feet all the way to 16 feet, the Upper Bounce trampoline is bound to satisfy all needs, with the biggest size suited to any adult
  • The strong frame is made of heavy duty galvanized steel which is also powder coated, making it resistant to corrosion when left outdoors while also allowing it to support a lot of weight
  • The maximum weight supported by this trampoline with net varies with size, with the smallest being able to hold 250 pounds while the largest holding a maximum of 330 pounds
  • The mat is made of heavy duty polypropylene mesh which will not break or tear under weight, and it will also resist weather events and temperature fluctuations outdoors; the mats are also reinforced by 8 rows of stitching which will provide the trampoline with ultra-resistance and long term usage
  • The protective safety mats are made of quality PE, PVC and EPE, covering the steel frame and the springs and preventing injuries while also absorbing shocks and ensuring that the foam won’t be absorbing water, making it resistant to mildew
  • The Easy Assemble/Disassemble feature allows you to dismount the poles in order to protect the trampoline from the harsh winter while making it easy to reassemble the trampoline when the weather is suitable; there is also a weather cover available for purchase for people who wish to leave the trampoline assembled for extended periods of time
  • The assembly of this trampoline with net will take a minimum amount of time, and it will not need any special tools or skills
  • The quality safety enclosures will provide your entire family with maximum safety while allowing for high jumps; the enclosure net is made of premium Terylene material, allowing the net to resist mechanical forces and protect the jumper from accidents
  • The trampoline enclosure net has a dual entry which is activated using zippers and buckles, minimizing gaps and further increasing safety during jumping sessions
  • With a large jumping area and strong steel springs, the 16 foot trampoline set will provide an entire family with healthy exercise under the safest conditions possible

Main Drawbacks

  • While this trampoline with net set is easy to mount, it may require two persons for assembly/disassembly
  • The heavy weight of this trampoline may make it a bit more difficult to move it to a different location, although the Easy Assembly features compensates for this
  • The trampoline may be a bit high priced for some people, although the size of it does explain the manufacturing costs

My Experience with the Upper Bounce 16 ft Trampoline

The Upper Bounce 16-foot trampoline with safety net is one of the biggest such products I have ever seen. Went to a pool party with my family a few weeks ago, and found a 16 feet sized trampoline in the yard. Since I mostly got to see small sized trampolines made for children, I can’t tell just how excited I was to see this thing. I immediately forgot that I wasn’t a child anymore, and I quickly jumped in. The springs provide the trampoline with enough bouncing action, and you can actually jump a bit higher than the net if you want to.

When looking underneath the protective foam padding (which I like, by the way), I saw some big steel springs which explain why you can bounce so much on this trampoline. The frame looks rock solid, and the mat seems pretty resistant as well. The straps and the net may not be long lived if you keep the trampoline outdoors for months on end, although I suppose you can replace them when they get damaged.

Overall, this Upper Bounce 16 ft trampoline with safety net is sturdy, well-built, the jumping mat is resistant as well, and 16 feet is more than enough for a joyful adult to jump for hours on end (if you have the legs for it). You could get this for less than 500 bucks, which is quite decent for it size. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys bouncing and movement.


Sold at less than 230 dollars for a 7.5 ft trampoline to a 16 ft trampoline with enclosure at less than $500, the Upper Bounce Trampoline with enclosure set comes in a variety of sizes that will suffice for anyone wishing to spend hours bouncing on this quality trampoline. The quality of construction is high, the bouncing action is more than enough, and the enclosure net is meant for maximum protection during jumps. This trampoline offers a more than decent quality/price ratio, making it an excellent choice for both children and adults who enjoy fun bouncing.Be Sociable, Share!