Get Acquainted with the Most Interesting and Diverse Types of Trampolines and Accessories

Shopping for a new trampoline will likely be one of the most interesting and exciting things you ever do with your time in any sports or specialty shop.

“One thing that I have realized throughout my career is that most people find it very difficult to choose the right trampoline especially on matters regarding trampoline safety, quality, durability, and real-time performance”.

Nolan Harris ,

Whether you prefer to see and touch the product before buying it or you feel comfortable ordering your new trampoline online, one of the first and most important places to start would be to learn about some of the most enjoyable and popular trampoline varieties currently available on the market.

What Do You Know About Buying a Trampoline?

Most people would say that a large part of having a successful and overall fun experience with a trampoline is to know exactly what to buy when you first set out to find exactly the type of model that you’d love to have around the house.

Depending on the uses you want it for, your purchase could range between an incredible number of different trampolines, from the smallest, colorful models designed to be used by children or young teenagers, to large, “heavy-duty” trampolines made to prepare you for the next Olympics.

While there are lots of things that apply to the question of how to go about handling your purchase – such as keeping a close eye on the materials used, the thickness of the frame and whether or not the trampoline is up to par with some of the most important safety standards – choosing the right type of trampoline is probably the most crucial aspect you have to consider.

Also, if you really want to make the most out of your experience with a newly bought trampoline, you have to know what types of accessories to add to it later on.

Even though adding some of the accessories presented here might tend to drive the price of your new trampoline straight through the ceiling, many experts recommend some of them as being indispensable for ensuring the safety of those who will be using the trampoline.

Types of Trampolines

If you just visit a website where different types of trampolines are sold, you will find that many more models, brands, varieties and shapes exist than one would care to count.

However, there are several types of trampolines that have widely been accepted as the main categories sold either for recreational, competitive or fitness purposes:

  • The classic trampoline: Available mostly in round and pricy or cheap rectangular trampolines shapes, the classic trampoline is the one you’re most likely to find in your local stores. Used for outdoor recreational purposes, this type of model usually features a tightly woven fabric acting as a bounce mat which is safely secured to a steel frame.
  • Competitive models: these types of trampolines differ greatly from the regular ones. Featuring a steel frame of about 17×10 feet fitted with more than 100 steel springs for added elasticity and sturdiness, it can allow for jumps of up to 33 feet in height,
  • Water trampolines: Similar to most classic trampoline models, water trampoline are provided with an inflatable vinyl covering that encases the steel frame, and is designed to float on water. These types of trampolines have to be used on water surfaces such as shallow rivers or lakes. However, they also have to be safely anchored in place to prevent them from floating away.
  • Trampolines designed for children come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Now, these should not be mistaken for bounce houses which are more like actual structures and small buildings you bounce in. Instead, children’s trampolines are miniature versions of normal sized ones fitted with additional safety padding and painted in bright colors or featuring fun and exciting designs printed on the bounce mat.
  • Small trampolines: These are basically indoor trampolines or “rebounders”. They are only set at about a foot off the floor, allow only for lower jumping heights, and are generally designed to be used for indoor fitness purposes by only one person at a time.

All these varieties are available – some more easy to find than others – both online and in local stores. Depending on your requirements, budget and available space, many of them can be quite accessible, especially with the addition of accessories designed to promote comfort, durability and safe use.

Useful Additions and Safety Accessories

A number of great accessories can be added to your trampoline to make it safer and easier to use, but also to keep it looking and feeling brand new for a very long time.

In order to ensure the proper care of the trampoline from the start and to make sure it lasts for years to come without any durability problems, one should always consider buying a trampoline cover. These covers are made from plastic, and are incredible useful for protecting your trampoline against wear and tear, the weather or the harmful UV rays coming from the sun.

Trampoline ladders allow users – and especially children – to use a trampoline more easily, mounting or dismounting it with care to prevent any unwanted falls that could result in injuries.

In terms of safety, enclosures are the most important accessories. An enclosure will keep you and all those who use the trampoline safe even when performing daring jumps and summersaults.

The simple, but very important role of most enclosures is basically to act as safety nets placed around a trampoline to ensure that the user doesn’t fall off when the jump goes wrong.

Another important safety addition to any trampoline is a skirt. Placed around the lower part of your new trampoline, it has the role of preventing small children and pets from playing underneath the unit while someone is using it.


Any successful deal depends on how well you know the product you have in mind before setting out to buy something that’s at least remotely similar to it. This idea applies to trampolines just as well as any other product.

Ultimately, being aware of the different types of trampolines you can get and all the possibilities you have for making them perform ideally will be one of your most helpful tools, not just in buying the hottest trampoline in the store, but also in landing the perfect deal without exceeding your budget. Be Sociable, Share!

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